Tuesday, November 25, 2014

When I Feel Alive In My World

At times I can hear so clearly the whispering of my inner voice. At times, heart resonate peaceful motion of my own world. At times, chaos merges into silence and sky wear that dark dress and stars start giggling and teasing with their twinkling. At times, life flows like gentle waves of the most beautiful lake and reflect the pleasure of this strange but seductive world. At times, life looks lively.

It takes a while but it surely comes to mind somehow, that life isn't after all so boring. There is much charm in it, much care, sincerity and pleasure waiting to be uncovered. We just have to find it. There is a warm corner somewhere in the heart which sometimes opens incidentally and reveals the generosity it carries for others. 

It is true; every person has some traces of love left in his heart, but might be buried in the flow of insignificant desires. Once we get to know this place, we might find it. We might come to common terms between what we think world is and what we might still make it for ourselves.

At least in my world life is about hope, sincerity and love. In the ugliness of this world, in midst of the chaos, I have found out a place where only heart rules and rest are its subordinates. There is a place where truth, in the form of feelings and emotions, comes to visit me occasionally.

And so, those who enter my world must empty their mind and feel the color of love in their heart. There is no place for proud here, no place for arrogance. It’s all about humility. Eyes are meant to look with care, posture is modest, hands are willing to land on the surface of other, lips are willing to move gently, and praiseworthy words are about to be delivered from gentle corners of heart. This world is full of feelings, emotions and their honest expression.

I am sure and I have thought about this for a thousand times, that ultimate purpose of life is to care and genuinely feel for others. Feelings are only vehicles which have potential to guide and lead us to the right way. Since love is immortal and way beyond the physical existence, the horizon of inner world is wider. And so, life is merely a shadow, a brief pause, a minor episode in which only love will survive and rest will perish.

Even though, life will move on, world will continue to care less, but feelings will survive and preserve themselves. They will move with the unseen forces in space and time and pass through the deepest centers of gravitation - untouched and unaffected. No wonder life looks lively the moment we pour it in the cup of love. This truth, when becomes apparent, leads to the calmness of soul and inner voice start whispering and revealing its secret through the air we breathe.