Sunday, November 9, 2014


Love is like landing on the surface of Sun in hope to find the polar ice. Love is like staying in the sunshine and asking for a heavy rainfall. Love is like plucking the flower and wanting it to remain fresh and alive. Love is like painful strike taken with utmost pleasure. Love is unmistakably the biggest mistake of life, the most beautiful too.

But it is as vital a feeling as blood is for body. It is an eternal desire pleading for fulfillment. It is a hope in hell, a ray of light in darkness, water in desert, a ship in the ocean, oxygen in space, a word in the otherwise blank page, a room in vacuum, and a life on earth. It, mysteriously, was and remains the only reason why mankind is still surviving.

Amongst all natural disasters, love is the most ferocious; and amongst all blessings of nature, it is the most shinning. It either destroys completely or brings fresh air at time when a person falls short of breath. It either cause floods or brings rain which slowly falls on cloths, hair, hands and everything with soft and delicate touch of the rain drops.

Contrary to all hatred on earth, all those horrible episodes of enmity, betrayal, and violence, love seeks destruction of ego and pardons the soul. Here, person moves to a higher level and becomes indifferent to what people say, do and are doing. He cares less even for himself. All he cares is the single glance of the person or thing he desires most.

The calmness of self, the unselfish desire, the soft gesture, the still nature, when he is not looking for any extravagance but is in the simplest possible form, takes him into an ideal place where with him resonates the entire universe.

Though he is unaware of his potential - that he in that stage is powerful enough to control the unseen forces around him - he pretends to be the poorest, unworthy, unnoticed but an aspiring lover. He compromise his strength as a sign of humbleness and sweet gesture. 

He forgives people and stops becoming desperate for his love. His only wish is the happiness of others and he is willing to remain in pain for that single desire. Such is the strange nature of love sparkling within the soul of a true lover.